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Cristin Sandu's "The Art of Balance" assembly program is seen at schools, libraries, and children's hospitals each year. Sandu's show will take students through a unique, entertaining, high energy, emotional and inspirational journey. In this 45-minute show, Cristin uses his balancing act as a metaphor to increase student engagement, offering 100% audience participation all the while teaching your students about the importance of being a focused and well-balanced student. Additional topics in Cristin's show include making good choices, anti-bullying, future planning, not submitting to peer pressure, and that it’s OK to make mistakes because life is not about how many times you fall, but about how many times you get up and do it again. 


This program is marketed for elementary, middle, and high school, as well as for libraries, and children hospitals. Everyone will have a wonderful time… including the faculty!




**Please note: Cristin Sandu performs year-round at Sporting, Corporate, and Special events around the world, therefore, school assembly programs are encouraged to be scheduled in advance.



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